Wealth Management

Falcon Investment Group consults companies, private clients and private foundations and guarantees independence from various product providers. Our know-how roots back to the comprehensive market research, and is based on the internal benchmarks of numerous portfolios as well as on the long-term successful cooperations with our clients.

We offer our clients absolutely safe and optimal solutions tailored to their personal needs.

Planning and Development

Marketing & Sales


Card Service

With the Falcon Investment Group business cards, we offer our customers optimized international payment transactions as well as the security of cashless financial operations. For our premium customers Falcon Investment Group offers individualised metal contactless cards. Designed with attention to detail and crafted with 24 carat gold FIG premium card ensure an unique appearance while financial operations of any kind.

Investment Group

Falcon Investment Group Ltd is a private English investor and asset manager specializing in small and medium sized real estate investments in England, French Riviera and Italy.

Together with a strong network of qualified partners we ensure optimal consultancy within the investment taking into account all economic, legal, tax and technical aspects.

Falcon Investment Group manages own portfolio of over 100 million Euro of attractive real estate and securities.

Benefit from our established cooperations with globally relevant financial institutions and optimize your assets.

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Falcon Investment Group Ltd ,
3rd Floor 207 Regent Street,
London, United Kingdom, W1B 3HH

Registered: Company Number 10764850,
VAT number: UTR 623 77551 00215 A
Supervisor body: Company House, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7380 639102
E-Mail: info@www.falconinvestmentgroup.com
Web: www.falconinvestmentgroup.com